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Is the world ready for the GDPR?

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We are now on the home run before the GDPR goes live on the 25 May 2018.

So are organisations ready for when it kicks in? I think the simple answer is yes and no but more towards the no. The good thing is that there are the larger organisations who have been working on a GDPR project for some time and will have some systems, processes and procedures in place for the 25 May but I don’t think that any organisations will be 100% compliant (whatever that actually is and if it even really exists!)

If we look at the SMEs we see a totally different story and this is where it starts to get worrying.

Some of the SMEs are working to get the GDPR requirements in place but the vast majority are no where near and many have only just realised that it is something they have to do.

I am still getting telephone calls and emails daily asking me if their business is exempt from the GDPR or if it is something that they can ignore.

In the article “Are there any circumstances when the GDPR does not apply?” I explain that there is some real example of when you can be exempt from the GDPR but these are only when safeguarding national security, investigating criminal offences and public health matters. So unless you are one of these then I am afraid that you can’t try and ignore it.

It will be really interesting to see how many more people get in touch over the next week in total panic as to what they need to do. If this is you then first off, don’t panic, get in touch with me and lets have a chat and see what we can do together to get you started.

Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright created NW Consulting in 2006, as he could see a need for someone to bridge the gap between business and technology people, whether internal or external, whether operating at local or international levels. Nathan is also the author of Jaz'ing Up GDPR! a book about GDPR without all the bureaucratic legalise. Nathan provides IT consultancy and GDPR consultancy services in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and internationally.

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