GDPR Rights Q&A
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GDPR Questions About Rights

The GDPR provides 8 Rights to Data Subjects in regard to their Personal Data.

They are:

  1. the Right to be Informed
  2. the Right of Access
  3. the Right to Rectification
  4. the Right to Erasure
  5. the Right to Restrict Processing
  6. the Right to Data Portability
  7. the Right to Object
  8. Rights in Relation to Automated Decision Making and Profiling.

What Rights will individuals have under the GDPR?

What’s the “right to be forgotten”?

What’s the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party?

What rights do individuals have under the GDPR?

Is the right to be forgotten absolute?

Are there specific rules organisations should follow to comply with the GDPR?

What will preparing for the GDPR cost an organisation?

What are the GDPR requirements?

Why is the GDPR important?

How GDPR will affect schools?


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