GDPR Third Countries Q&A
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GDPR Questions About Third Countries

The GDPR allows Personal Data transfers to a third country or international organisation subject to compliance with set conditions, including conditions for onward transfer of the Personal Data. The GDPR allows for data to be transferred to countries whose legal regime is deemed by the European Commission to provide for an “adequate” level of Personal Data protection.

In the absence of an adequacy decision, however, transfers are also allowed outside non-EU states under certain circumstances, such as by use of standard contractual clauses or Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs).

Derogations are also permitted under limited additional circumstances.

Does the GDPR encompass only personally identifiable data for EU citizens?

Does the GDPR think my organisation has any employees in the EEA?

Does the GDPR think my organisation monitors the behavior of EU residents?

Does the GDPR think my organisation offers goods or services to EU citizens?

My organisation is not in the EEA, so why should I care about the GDPR?

How does the GDPR impact businesses outside the EEA?

What are the GDPR requirements?

Why is the GDPR important?


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