Testimonials About the Jaz'ing Up GDPR! Book
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We love to hear from people who have read our Jaz'ing Up GDPR! book. Below are just some of the testimonials we have received.
John S

I love this book, so relevant and easy to read. I was given access to the manuscript before it was published.

Karen L

I was asked to proof-read the book before it was printed and have to say it is a very clever way to present GDPR in an easy to understand layout. Some parts really made me laugh.

Carl M

GDPR is a really boring subject but Nathan asked me to read the Jaz'ing Up GDPR! book and check it for errors before it went to final publication. I can honestly say that this book is not like any other GDPR book whilst at the same time being a really easy way to learn about it.

Judy M

I had to get my head around the GDPR for my work, and this book was recommended to me by a friend. It made all aspects of GDPR much clearer, it was easy to read, and fun in places where Jaz adds his comments. Tells you what you should be doing, and how not to get too swamped by a potentially difficult and confusing subject. Thoroughly recommended.


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